Friday, May 28, 2010

Book Seven: Murder Most Frothy by Cleo Coyle

Oh how I love visiting the Village Blend, but this story took place in the Hampton's this time. It was nice for a change of scenery but I can't wait to be back in New York and the aromas of the Blend.

This book was intriguing from the prologue. I kind of like it when we know a bit of what happens from the beginning. It makes me eager to read quickly to that part of the story. The story twists and turns exposing the greediness and rivalries of the business world. Truly an enjoyable book.

The one character from this story that I would love to see in person is Jim Rand. He sounds so yummy!! Even though Clare has a thing for Detective Quinn I hope to see Clare and him meet up again in a future book.

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Kristen howe said...

Sounds like a good read to me. I'll be reading On What Grounds next week for my cozy pick. It'll be awhile before I catch up with the series. Thanks for the good review.